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Superior Standing Seam Roofs in Sharon, Vermont

Learn more about standing seam roofs installed by Twin State Standing Seam Roofing Co., Inc. in Sharon, Vermont. These quality roofing systems are usually very durable, lasting up to 50 years.

Two Men on Roof - Standing Seam Roofs

The Better Choice

Standing seam roofs are considered superior to many other roofing systems because of the seams that run continuously from the ridge of the roof at the top to the eaves at the bottom of the roof. This eliminates the need for horizontal seams and reduces the total number of seams.

A Smooth Look

Between the panels, fasteners are used to connect seams, raised above the level of the metal roof in a "standing seam", as opposed to a flush-mounted seam. However, the fasteners are concealed, leaving a smooth and continuous ridge.


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